The Stronger By Science Podcast

Sleep, Response Heterogeneity, and Dr. Brandon Roberts

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Greg and Eric split the “Feats of Strength” duties, then take a deep dive into some research on how sleep affects performance and body composition. Finally, Eric takes a trip to Flavortown and shares six easy, delicious chicken recipes for the calorie counters out there. Greg and Eric also interview Dr. Brandon Roberts, who tells us about his current bodybuilding prep, why some people respond better to training than others, and why sleep is so important for lifters.

Episode Notes


0:00:40 Feats of Strength

0:21:26 Research Review: myostatin, follistatin, the hormone hypothesis, and sleep’s effects on fat loss

Studies discussed:

0:49:32 Research Roundup: sleep’s effects on performance, and new research on caffeine and sleep quality

Studies discussed:

1:10:23 To play us out: Eric’s chicken tips

1:18:25 Interview with Dr. Brandon Roberts

1:19:09 How is your current bodybuilding prep going?

1:21:34 What is the lowest caloric intake you have implemented?

1:24:57 How are your hunger/hormone/sleep issues this time around?

1:26:38 What is response heterogeneity, and why is it important?

1:30:44 How variable are responses to resistance training (strength, hypertrophy)

1:34:13 Why are responses so variable?

1:41:58 What are your thoughts on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy?

Study discussed:

1:50:02 Why do we sleep?

1:51:13 Does poor sleep impact performance or body composition?

1:56:21 Are there people who simply need less sleep than others?

2:04:25 What are chronotypes, and how do they matter in relation to sleep?

2:08:11 Will naps help me recover from a lack of sleep?

2:10:12 The Gang recklessly speculates about Spanish culture

2:11:35 What is sleep debt and can it be repaid?

2:13:38 Greg talks about bears

2:19:39 After searching the literature about sleep, has Brandon changed his sleep habits based on what he learned?

2:20:28 Does Brandon believe in any specific training or nutrition strategies that lack supporting research, or that directly oppose the existing research findings?

2:24:21 Where can people find Brandon Roberts online?