The Stronger By Science Podcast

Q&A: Warming Up, Calculating Volume, Assessing Fatigue, and Creatine Non-Responders

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about why (and how) to warm up, practical ways to quantify volume and assess fatigue, how to tell if you’re a non-responder to creatine, and much more. As an added bonus, Greg gives a detailed explanation of how to make really, really good homemade ice cream.

Episode Notes

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0:00:49 What is the best way to calculate volume for hypertrophy training?

0:10:23 How does marijuana affect recovery from strength and hypertrophy training when it’s smoked, eaten, or vaped?

0:24:06 How important are warm-ups, and what constitutes an effective warm-up? What are some common misconceptions about warm-ups?

0:37:26 Is it beneficial to include incline chest exercises in your program?

0:45:46 How is the concept of functional overreaching applicable in a hypertrophy training block and how often would you advise to use this technique? How would you best reap the benefits of supercompensation following a successful overreaching period?

0:54:51 Can you tell if you're a creatine non-responder by whether or not you gain weight when you start taking it?

1:08:40 What is the most pragmatic and valid way to objectively measure fatigue?

1:13:03 Is fasting more effective than normal calorie restriction when it comes to retaining muscle mass whilst losing body fat?

1:22:54 How do you make really, really good homemade ice cream?