The Stronger By Science Podcast

Q&A: Lifting Shoes, Alcohol, and Over/Underrated Exercises

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about electromyostimulation, the effects of alcohol consumption on body composition, fruit consumption during weight loss, weightlifting shoes for squatting, overrated and underrated exercises, and much more.

Episode Notes

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0:00:41 Is there any benefit of adding electromyostimulation (EMS) to your training for strength or hypertrophy? If so, how should it be used?

Relevant studies:

0:07:32 What are the effects of alcohol consumption on body composition?

0:19:44 I’ve been lifting for many years, but I’m still far from my “genetic potential,” according to an online calculator. Am I advanced or intermediate?

0:28:08 Can you eat fruit during a contest prep (or weight loss) diet?

Relevant studies:

0:35:11 What are the benefits of using weightlifting shoes (with an elevated heel) for squat and leg press?

0:40:50 How do I prevent my traps from getting too big?

0:47:27 Can we train to intentionally change the fiber type of a muscle?

0:57:41 Research suggests there is a refractory period for muscle protein synthesis following protein ingestion. Will eating a snack with protein between meals disrupt protein synthesis?

Articles discussed:

1:08:19 What are the chronic effects of resistance training on hormone levels?

1:13:14 What are the best strategies to reverse the effects of metabolic adaptation from a fat loss phase, while minimizing fat gain?

1:20:23 Which exercises are overrated? Which exercises are underrated?