The Stronger By Science Podcast

Q&A: Hormonal Contraceptives, Rates of Weight Loss/Weight Gain, Timeline of Training Adaptations

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about how birth control and the menstrual cycle affect periodization, optimal rates of weight loss, adjusting calorie intake while bulking, how long it takes muscles and connective tissues to adapt to resistance training, a quick tip to turn a good hypertrophy program into a good strength program, and much more.

Episode Notes

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0:00:41 – USA > The Netherlands

0:03:12 – How do birth control and menstrual cycle hormones affect periodization? Should I program with that in mind?

0:12:02 – If you’re trying to lose fat but maintain performance, what is the “optimal” rate of weight loss?

0:16:49 – Eric is unable to read

0:17:29 – For the folks with anterior pelvic tilt, what are some tips for maintaining a neutral pelvis while squatting and deadlifting?

0:22:08 – When bulking, should you continuously re-calculate your maintenance calorie requirements as you go?

0:26:57 – Do connective tissues display a delayed response to resistance training? If so, what does Greg know about it?

0:39:21 – Related discussion on human growth hormone

0:47:58 – Is there any benefit to manipulating dietary fat distribution throughout the week (in essence, “fat cycling”)?

0:56:32 – Which is better: 10mm or 13mm belt?

1:00:29 – Do you know how intra-abdominal pressure is measured?

1:01:49 – Eric references the disturbing horror film, “The Human Caterpillar”

1:02:29 – When we do resistance exercise, how long does it take for hypertrophy to manifest?

1:14:57 – Greg has previously talked about turning a good hypertrophy program into a good strength program by adding some singles. Practically speaking, how do you implement this strategy?

1:19:41 – How do you help clients that struggle with motivation, emotional decision-making, or taking responsibility for their decisions?

1:29:08 – Does blending your food render it less nutritious?