The Stronger By Science Podcast

Q&A: CBD, Junk Volume, Eccentric Training, and Building a Following in Fitness

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about CBD, volume versus intensity for strength gains, the concept of “junk volume,” eccentric-focused training, and how Greg managed to build a business in the fitness industry.

Episode Notes

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3:31 “What is your opinion on CBD?”

10:07 “Does volume or intensity drive strength gains?”

20:10 “Is ‘junk volume’ a real thing?”

23:53 “If we say that metabolite accumulation may play a causative role in hypertrophy, shouldn’t that mean that supplements designed to enhance the pump actually increase hypertrophy?”

39:14 “I’ve read that having a lower body fat percentage is more conducive to building muscle/strength. Is there truth to this, or is the change in body function/hormones negligible between high and low body fat percentage?”

48:19 “How possible is it that eccentric overload causes preferential hypertrophy of titin, meaning that people who only perform conventional training get a percentage of the available gains? What study designs/tools (blood markers, biopsies) would you use to test? If true, what kind of difference do you feel it would amount to?”

57:16 “In regards to re-feeds and/or diet breaks, from what I understand at least 2 consecutive days of re-feeding is needed to have any impact on the metabolic adaptations of a prolonged calorie deficit (3 days is probably better). That being said, how much of an effect does it really have, and is the cost to benefit ratio really worth it?

1:06:18 “How did you (Greg) build a following in the fitness industry?”