The Stronger By Science Podcast

Protein & Kidney Function; Cholesterol & Training Adaptations

Episode Summary

Today’s episode features a couple of deep dives into the scientific literature: one research review segment focuses on the effects of high-protein diets on kidney function, and another research review segment focuses on the effects of dietary cholesterol on training adaptations. Those are followed by a Q&A segment with discussions about central nervous system fatigue, creatine, leucine, fat gain while bulking, recovering from connective tissue injuries, and more.

Episode Notes

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Intro/Announcements (0:00:30). 

Good news (0:02:33). 

Feats of Strength (0:08:43). 

Research Review: High-protein diets and kidney function (0:09:58). 

Studies discussed:

Research Review: Dietary cholesterol and training adaptations (0:48:57). 

Studies discussed:

 Q&A (1:29:05). 

Is there a simple way to judge if I'm gaining too much fat during a bulk? (1:29:14). 

When we talk about CNS fatigue, what are we actually talking about mechanistically? Is there anything we can specifically do to improve CNS recovery? (1:41:52). 

Rapid fire for Eric (1:55:56):

To play us out: Off-topic question (2:04:46). 

Given how you both train, what’s the biggest animal you think you could fight with caveman technology and win?