The Stronger By Science Podcast

Caffeine and Health, Sex-Based Caffeine Differences, and IPF World Champion Natalie Hanson

Episode Summary

In Episode 6, Greg and Eric discuss two recent studies about caffeine. One paper has been all over the media, with headlines suggesting that there’s no harm in drinking 25 cups of coffee per day. The other study sought to determine if men and women have the same response to a pre-exercise dose of caffeine. Greg and Eric are also joined by IPF World Champion Natalie Hanson to discuss her most recent world championship, raw vs. equipped powerlifting, and some challenges that women face in fitness and powerlifting.

Episode Notes

Time stamps:

1:01 Fitness podcasters: you’re on notice

3:01 Feats of strength

15:38 Research Review. “25 cups of coffee per day is not unhealthy”- any truth to this?

Study abstract

19:43 Who the hell is drinking 25 cups of coffee a day?

21:09 What happens when you turn a continuous variable into a grouped variable?

33:43 Is caffeine bad for heart health?

35:18 What’s the highest daily caffeine dose that seems to be okay?

37:52 What factors affect caffeine metabolism and the relationship between caffeine and health? (Genes, diet, hormones, etc.)

40:05 Why do lifters like caffeine so much?

42:19 Eric realizes he needs to diversify his friend network to incorporate some non-lifters

46:53 Relationship between caffeine, theacrine, and sleep issues

52:04 Research review. Do men and women experience the same performance effects from caffeine?

Study link

52:59 The gap between male research and female research in exercise science

55:37 Study design, methods, and results

1:00:06 Why this study is so important

1:07:16 Interview with Natalie Hanson

1:07:43 Recap of IPF World Bench Press Championships

1:15:20 How often does Natalie miss reps or reach failure while training?

1:16:21 Natalie formally receives permission to cuss on the podcast

1:20:23 Raw vs. equipped lifting: How much of a boost does Natalie get from her equipment?

1:21:32 How hard is it to transition from raw to equipped powerlifting? How long does it take to learn to use the equipment effectively and refine your technique?

1:26:06 Experimentation, deviating from popularized training advice, and the influence of social media

1:30:12 As a multiple-time world champion, what is Natalie’s favorite moment in powerlifting so far?

1:36:49 Why are single-ply bench press records increasing so rapidly?

1:41:39 Moving forward, does Natalie plan to compete raw, equipped, or both?

1:42:56 What is Natalie up to at Corvus Strength Co.?

1:48:37 What are some unique challenges or social pressures that women experience in strength sports?

1:54:46 The balance between body image, body weight, and strength goals

1:59:32 What are some steps that people can take to help shift attitudes and help women feel more comfortable in strength sports and other fitness communities?

2:04:42 Deciding when to bump up or down a weight class

2:09:53 Continuing the conversation with women in strength sports moving forward

2:22:15 How to stay in touch with Natalie: Corvus Strength Co. and Instagram