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Bench Angles, Appetitive Traits, and Mesocycle Progression

Episode Summary

Greg and Eric are back from summer break and better than ever. Season three brings a couple of exciting changes, including a brand new Facebook group and subreddit to allow you to participate in the conversation. Today’s episode begins with a conflicted Good News segment and some recent Feats of Strength. After that, Greg and Eric have a huge Research Roundup segment to catch up on a number of studies that were published over summer break, with topics including cannabis, caffeine, creatine, bench press angles, appetitive traits, steroid addiction, and more. That’s followed by a quick Q&A segment and a conversation about how to progress your training throughout a mesocycle. Finally, Greg and Eric share their top barbecue tips to play them out.

Episode Notes

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Intro/Announcements: new Facebook group, subreddit, and sponsor (0:00:36). 

Good news: animal edition (0:07:00). 

Feats of Strength (0:16:05). 

Research Roundup (0:18:49). 

Acute effects of cannabis consumption on exercise performance: a systematic and umbrella review ( (0:19:10). 

Caffeine increases strength and power performance in resistance‐trained females during early follicular phase ( (0:26:15). 

Appetitive traits as targets for weight loss: The role of food cue responsiveness and satiety responsiveness ( (0:33:37). 

Effects of Horizontal and Incline Bench Press on Neuromuscular Adaptations in Untrained Young Men ( (0:43:28). 

Creatine Supplementation Does Not Influence the Ratio Between Intracellular Water and Skeletal Muscle Mass in Resistance-Trained Men ( (0:50:15). 

µ-Opioid receptor–induced synaptic plasticity in dopamine neurons mediates the rewarding properties of anabolic androgenic steroids ( (1:00:11). 

Metabolic adaptation is an illusion, only present when participants are in negative energy balance ( (1:10:30). 

Are questionable research practices facilitating new discoveries in sport and exercise medicine? The proportion of supported hypotheses is implausibly high ( (1:18:01).

Call to increase statistical collaboration in sports science, sport and exercise medicine and sports physiotherapy ( (1:25:37). 

Coach’s Corner: how to progress load throughout a mesocycle (1:28:33). 

Q&A: what is Ant-Man’s Wilks score? (1:45:31). 

To play us out: football season barbecue tips (1:54:38).